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WELCOME TO Learning Disabilities - An International Learning Disabilities Resource

  • Understanding Learning Dificulties and Disabilities
    Imagine having something very important to say but you just can't get your thoughts across or make the person understand what you are trying to convey. You may feel bombarded by sights and sounds, unable to focus your attention. You may not need to imagine this, you may understand it. You might be the parent or relative of a child experiencing learning problems, or have a loved one in your family diagnosed as learning disabled. Although differen Read More...
  • The Best and Worst Part About Learning Disabilities
    The worst part about Learning Disabilities is if you are not willing to challenge what the world says about you. You are finished before you got started. It does not matter if you have all the money in the world, if you are the best looking person you know, or if you were popular in high school, if you do not develop a belief in yourself, you will not be successful! Having a learning disability can be just the reason for you to be average! Al Read More...
  • A Few Facts About Learning Disabilities
    Neurological disorders give rise to learning disabilities and this can have an effect on the individual's social and intellectual development. Sometimes, children with learning disabilities are smarter than children of their own age, but have difficulty in listening, writing, thinking, spelling, reading to name a few. The learning process for someone with a learning disability is more difficult and also different. However, parents should not d Read More...